Product - Technology Solutions

DIGDAT provide various kind of geospatial products and solutions. The package provides the ability to operate, analyze, and fully apply geospatial technology suit with user working environment. A functioning spatial data infrastructure is a prerequisite for the work of thousands of experts, research scientists, government, and private bodies around the world. As a leading geospatial technology Supplier, Integrator and Innovator we move forward into complying Geo-Enabling 4th Industry Revolution where satellites, drones, sensors, IoT and Artificial Intelligence will be next revolution.

Digdat differentiates itself through a focus as solutions provider rather than simply a reseller of products. We provide a professional and value added service of the very highest standard specifically tailored to meet our client requirements.


  • ~High Resolution Satellite Data
  • ~Optical Imagery
  • ~Satellite Ground Receiving Station
  • ~Multispectral Imagery
  • ~Hyperspectral Imagery
  • ~Radar Imagery



  • ~Multicopter /Multirotor
  • ~Fixed Wing  and VTOL
  • ~Custom UAVs & Sensor Integration
  • ~GNSS and RTK UAVs System
  • ~Visual RGB Sensor
  • ~Thermal Sensor
  • ~Spraying and Spreader System
  • ~Multispectral Sensor
  • ~LiDAR Sensor
  • ~Hyperspectral Sensor




  • ~Digital GIS Map
  • ~Clutter RF Planning Data
  • ~Digital Surface Model (DSM)
  • ~Detailed Texture 3D Model
  • ~Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
  • ~Digital Terrain Model (DTM)



  • ~Visual RGB Sensor
  • ~Multispectral Sensor
  • ~Drone/UAVs or other platform
  • ~Hyperspectral Sensor
  • ~Lidar Sensor
  • ~Custom Bands Kernel
  • ~Thermal Sensor
  • ~Atmospheric Sensor



  • ~Terrestrial Laser Scanning 
  • ~Backpack LiDAR System
  • ~Survey and Mapping Instruments
  • ~360 Visual Panoramic Camera
  • ~Lab Equipment
  • ~3D Video GIS



  • ~GVI LIDAR 360
  • ~Agisoft Metashape
  • ~Custom Application
  • ~Remote Sensing Software
  • ~Rapidlasso
  • ~GIS Software